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So my question is, is there anything similar for the mac? Like 1 . I've been playing Command & Conquer 3 (NOT Red Alert 3) All evening from.
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Thanks for playing, and please share your feedback! The classic strategy series is back, remixed for quickfire battles on the go and with all the tactical finesse we'd hoped for. Do you rush your army towards your opponent's resources? Steadily fight to secure territory? Or swoop in at the last minute to turn a missile launch to your favour? With tightly designed maps and unit balance, every match is a thriller. But I really enjoy this and fight a few matches almost daily. It is NOT pay to win nor pay to play all content is available through progression.


You get matched with people with similar unit levels as your own or typically the same rank. If you pay more, you can level your units more quickly but that increases your rank as they level so it balances well.

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Matches are short and fairly balanced. There is a level of strategy involved the most expensive units are not always the best to field. If I were to give it a critique, it would be the build times. Every unit across your build list loads at one time so you can field a soldier in the same time it takes to build a Wolverine mech. It would be nice to see some of the PC build times included where barracks build unit faster and cheaper but are weaker to the more expensive longer build time units.

All-in-all, it does make me want to bust out some of the older PC games and give them another spin. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Jul 9, Version 1. Size Category Games. As you progress you get more area to explore, this way you build more structure and claim the lands. The gameplay mainly focuses on holding cities as the entire advancement of players depend on it. So the more cities you hold, the more you progress, and if you lose any, then the progress fails. Also, the automatic worker is a unique feature that sets the workers to work automatically if you forget in any case. Another RTS based game that is a sequel to the series and far more developed than the previous one.

53 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Alternatives & Similar Games – Top Best Alternatives

The game has a futuristic setting where the game world is set. In the era, humans can enter the galaxy or send a ship there using the tunnels. This all set divides the human colonies into three parts and now all of these fights against each other to set their own beliefs. The gambler has improved several aspects as better UI, easier pathfinding, and troops tweaking. There are new mechanics that you can experience in the newly launched campaigns and take pleasure of orbital weaponry.

Another one among the games similar to Command and Conquer and it sets you in the military environment that combines a science fiction theme too. For all the environments and mechanics, the game always attracts fans of real-time strategy. The gameplay is set on the planet Tartarus where different environments bring new threats. Here you prepare your troops and making effective strategies; you command them to diminish the enemy.

The gameplay also focuses on military tactics other than RTS genre and roaming around the map gives you resources that can be used in future. The title gives you a real-time strategy based gameplay where all the war mechanics are set in the futuristic environment. In the advanced age, the human can step in several galaxies and even the stars to travel the entire universe. The quantum gateway makes it all possible, but it creates three different parts of the world that gives birth to never-ending war. Thor gameplay uses the massive maps where you can use the advanced zoom capability to navigate the areas.

Another motive is to stop the development of the dangerous weapon called Black Sun that can destroy one planet in just one shot. The game is set in the Halo universe that features advanced mechanics and impressive graphics while blending the real-time strategy environment.

Here you control the humans and make forces of them to bring the enemy down. Here you create bases using your troops, find resources, and use them against the opponent. Advanced technology helps you to upgrade your troops and other factors. This way the combat system is based on building structures and find resources, also decision making is necessary to apply the strategies properly.

RUSE gives you the facility to experience the gameplay on several major platforms.

C&C: Red Alert 3 Windows, Mac, X360, PS3 game

It brings the real-time strategy game where the environments are set in the World War II era. The game takes place in Germany that is facing invasion from all sides. Here as being the leader, you bring up strategies and intelligence to defeat the opposite team. The gameplay in RUSE seems really well and somewhat unique where player continuously focuses on controlling more land and air.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Several weapons and machinery are available too, and fixed guns, tanks, and aircraft are some of your strength on the battlefield. By the time, the weapons get upgraded, and you fight more efficiently.

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It is the seventh part in the series of The Settlers that was first started in The series always remain tied to the real-time strategy gameplay where city building is also an element. There are several modes to explore that can be expensed in the form of campaigns, multiplayer, etc. The gameplay allows implementing several technologies, trading, and military elements to set the victory.

Red Alert 2 for Mac (Update)

There is plenty of city building too, and the game does every aspect superbly. Conquering using the maps can be enjoyed too if you have the huge base of the army and hence this one falls among the Command and Conquer type games. The first version was a huge success, and the sequel is a result of that. The first game was launched in and the second one in that fix several things and improve this one greatly. The storyline takes you to the Middle era where creating civilization is the main motive. The gameplay is same as the other RTS games, and it takes you forward to gather those resources such as wood, stone, gold, and food.

Building the structures and fight against the enemies using various technologies also take place. The gameplay can be used to step into the new era and feel advanced technology, improved units, and buildings. The game is set in where the Soviet Union wants to be the ruler of the power, and for this, it pursues a military course.

This way, you visit places like Russia, Europe, and the United States to get your adventure going on. The gameplay makes you the First Lieutenant where you command the troops in the battlefield. The gameplay is more than that where you use infantry, tanks, air force, additional troops, artillery strikes, etc. The game takes place in attacking the enemy using the forces, tanks, and aircrafts.