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SMI is a Self-Mounting Image file. You should be able to double-click on it to open it and it will mount as if it were a disk. Then it's the contents of.
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Download the macOS Virtual Image

It runs a lot like any other program, but the virtual machine is separate from the rest of the system. You can even run multiple virtual machines simultaneously on the same computer.

This is only one way to set things up. Go ahead and click that or head over to the VirtualBox downloads page to pick the right version of VirtualBox for your system.

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This is not an unlimited version of Windows that you can use without restrictions forever. This software is provided by Microsoft for limited use. This license is valid for 90 days. This is a legally available free version of Windows 10 provided by Microsoft that you can use for limited purposes for a limited time and quickly and easily reinstall any time, either from the website or from your backup copy. This is, of course, not the only way to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox.

Please refer to the official documentation for clarification. It also makes sense to download The Unarchiver. Once your downloads are ready, head over to your downloads folder. You can install VirtualBox just like you would any program or application right into your Applications folder.

Of course, you can change the location if you want to. Then follow the installer prompts. Next, go to your Applications folder or to the location you specified for VirtualBox and double click the icon to open it.

You can open and install your extension pack the same way as you did for VirtualBox. To do that, you need to have an operating system.

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Go ahead and open up your Microsoft download with the Unarchiver. Windows is already set up and ready to go if you want to use it as-is. Because this is so fun, I strongly recommend giving your virtual machine a very descriptive and straightforward name. They start to look a lot alike after a while and this will save you some serious frustration. Now you need to set the amount of RAM.

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VirtualBox automatically lets you know the recommended minimum amount for the OS you selected, but you can increase or decrease this if you want to. No matter what, your best bet is to stay in the green section. Now you need to create a virtual hard drive. You do need a virtual hard drive to install your operating system and any other programs. Make sure that it has at least enough space to install the operating system. Remember that any programs you want to install will also take up space on your virtual hard drive!

A dynamically allocated file will grow in size as you store data. It starts small, but it will grow. A fixed-size file , on the other hand, will immediately occupy the size you specify. Even though it initially occupies more space, this type of file incurs less overhead. Now your installation will begin! That will help you avoid getting frustrated. It can take a couple of seconds or minutes to really get up and running. Take a couple of breaths if it seems a little slow or glitchy at first. Once your new Windows machine is running, go ahead and click anywhere in the window to wake it up.

It will ask you for your username and password. You can find those any time in the official installation documentation. When you first boot up your machine, the window is pretty small.

VMware Fusion: Powerfully Simple Virtual Machines for Mac

Once you are done. Note:we are use windows 64 bit. Select middle option [Create a virtual hard disk now]. Select Second option Fixed Size. Note: Mac recommend Fixed size. Increase file size,windows 10 recommended minimum 10GB. Note: Please set 12GB minimum if your storage are available on mac. This is the last step to setup virtualbox. Now your system are ready to install windows Now windows 10 installation starting.

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