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Aug 25, An OS X version, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition, was released on April 26, ; it includes the original game and “The Missing.
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AlisterCat Follow Forum Posts: If you are on PC search for trainers. Only on PC. Zaccheus said: Is it a mod or a PC only feature? ABritishNerd said: AlisterCat said: TrafalgarLaw Follow Forum Posts: Dredlockz said: BisonHero Follow Forum Posts: TrafalgarLaw said: Dagbiker Follow Forum Posts: Giant Bomb Forums Deus Ex: Bring back the main forum list. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. It should be reading 1. I have the modified patch2.

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The build version comes from the game so it sounds like your copy hasn't updated? Check the properties of dxhr. When you put in the patch2. If you didn't get that message, it means it wasn't there to begin with, which means you weren't patched up yet. If it wasn't there, delete the one you put in, wait for it to patch then put it back in overwriting the patched one. That's a bummer. Eidos repeated the same thing in the DLC and brought back the intros with no option to get rid of them or skip them.

Those guys just don't seem to think much. Looks like a way is going to have to be found to get rid of them again. I can skip them just fine. Was hitting the escape key, never tried clicking the mouse. It helped in getting through them faster but still would like to just get rid of them. Thanks for the help!

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And also thanks for the awesome mod: Will you be releasing a mod for the DLC? Can you release the mod for the 1. I cant update, and am stuck on 1. This was Tecman's mirror link. Can you again release the mod for the 1.

Is there a way to start a new game + with everything unlocked?

There is no mod for version 1. I've sent you a PM for the version you want. I'm in the second visit of the Detroit and now I realized I missed one side quest in the first visit. Can I use the map selector to go back and make that side quest? Won't it break the campaign progress or something? I just found out about this mod and installed it I am doing some testing in-game Defined as, when I set it to True, they still shoot me dead in seconds: Am I doing something wrong?

Or misunderstanding? I have to express my heartfelt thanks for this mod, it's downright awesome. Hope it's kept up to date as patches are released, and a DLC version is made. I wonder if there's a way to make more than 1 energy cell to auto-recharge. Give yourself candy bars and just mash the hotkey when needed.

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Same as auto-recharging. Nah, that's kind of too cheaty for me. Though, candybars And that alcohol restored BE instead of giving the health buff. And that vending machines worked. Now I see why Gunther Hermann hated vending machines, the damn pieces of junk have an obvious prejudice against us Augs. Thanks for the mod! It's great especially when playing through a third time and well First off, thanks for the awesome mod but would you mind releasing the 1.

Thanks so much: Any word on an updated version for Missing Link? I'd like to give it another run or two. Amen to that. I'd love a version for Missing Link. That way it doesn't feel like both versions of the game are hacked. How do you exit from the "Map Selector Menu"? I tried all button it wont exit out. Am i the only one that got a trojan when i replaced the file, norton is giving me stupid error code since then.

Shouldn't be using Norton, it acts more like a virus then allot of malware out there. Switch to Avast free and never look back. I have been fiddling with this for a bit, I can't get anything under system to work, I can't get debug info to display, most things don't work actually, I haven't tried things people say work just fine inf ammo, giving guns ext Mainly I was just curios about drawing NPC sight cones, hearing distance, threat status ect Looks like DXHR got an update today, anyone know if it modifies patch2.

I have auto updates disabled. Also if for some reason it modifies patch0. Hi, i can't download it entirely, whatever link i choose.

When i try to download, it gaves me broken tiny files who weigts a few Ko, max i had is 12,5 ko. Sometimes when i click on the links it downloads me nothing and the site is loading indefinitly. As i can't find the latest file somewhere else others have the patch0. I'm dead serious, I'll pay real money or pitch in for a mod for missing link from tecman, paypal, amazon gift or whatever.

Two questions And are the gameplay options i.

[PC MOD] Debug Menu Enabled, Map Selector Enabled, Skip Intro Logos [Archive] - Square Enix Forums

Strike that second question, got my answer in a previous post. I'm almost done with my first run through the game. I wish I'd found this mod first, but better late than never. I'm always amazed at the work put in by modders, purely for the love of the games. Thanks team; it's a great mod.

Is this mod not compatible with any DLC? My game crashes every time I try to bring up the debug menu, and yes my game is up-to-date. This mod works sort of with OS X version of the game too. But procedure of installing it a bit different. A few notes before the guide. I have App Store version of the game 1.

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Others may be different but I doubt it. Also I state all the file extensions. By default Finder doesn't show them and that's OK. Just ignore all parts of file names after the dot in them, you should be fine. Create new disk image: Find the disk image you've just created and double-click it to mount it. Locate disk image in game bundle Find your Deus Ex: Human Revolution game. It should be somewhere in Applications Right click it or Ctrl-Click if you're die-hard mac user and don't realize yet that you can't play DE: HR without right click and select Show Package Contents.

Copy debug menu patch2. Eject both disk images.

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Now, you're done with the hard part. Whenever you want to play modded version of the game you mount your modded disk image before launching the game. That's it. And if you want original unmodded version, you don't mount modded disk image. I've experienced a few crashes with modded disk image. Those were right on the start of the game.

But I can't reproduce the crash in any consistent way, so that may be just a coincidence. Yikes, new version just came out, just wanted to let people know, hopefully a new version will be hastily repackaged. Yeah, it only needs to be re-cooked if the assets files get changed.

If only the executable gets updated, it should still work. I was actually hoping that would happen, since TML DLC got updated as well, and that would mean a version for that as well So after the newest patch does the mod need to be re-done or does it still work? Hi Guys, just used this mod with patch 1.