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Battery Backup for the Mac Pro 8-Core & Mac Pro Core This is a UPS that outputs a sine wave (always preferred by the Mac Pro).
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Weighing just 11 pounds, this portable power source delivers mAH of power and allows you to connect up to 11 devices at once. The battery will hold a charge for up to one year between uses. This is the UPS in my house and I have had much success with it. It's the one I take along during camping trips to charge my mobile devices.

The device sits next to my desk when I'm at home. Definitely made not to move, this UPS device includes six outlets, four which are usable for battery backup. It'll run for almost six hours without power. This is the UPS to use with your iMac since it's not at all portable, just like the computer. This W portable battery is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.

It could also run up to six hours without power, depending on your setup. Of all of the ones on the list, this is the one that interests me the most. For the price, you get lots of ports and hours of power. This looks like a win-win, no?

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Whether you're looking for a portal UPS solution or one intended for stationary use , these UPS will get the job done. When looking for a solution, check the number of ports and how long the power will remain during emergencies. You should also check for sales since many of these are often available at a discount.

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Thanks for reading. Skip to main content. No local retailer seems to stock them: we used to have a branch of Maplin which did, until the chain went bust. Gone are the days when my desktop system was complex, with multiple internal disks, expansion cards, all manner of peripherals, and more.

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And without the UPS, everything else is at risk. We like to think that a constant and reliable mains power supply is a given throughout much of Europe, North America, East Asia, and further afield.

Then along comes a really stonking storm, and everything goes dark. In a city, your biggest enemy is probably that big hole that is being dug just down the road. One false move by the excavator and out go your lights and computers. And if it happens in the middle of a routine backup, the damage can be very significant indeed. My old UPS had looked after my Mac and modem-router through some fairly tense times.

Mains outages here tend to be brief, less than two minutes, or last longer than an hour. This model comes with two cables, which is very helpful. I made myself a short tail IEC to mains socket to which I connect a four-socket adaptor for low-power systems like my modem-router. In one version of macOS not so long ago, I discovered a bug that caused this to fail in some circumstances.

Inevitably the cat had the last word on the matter. Once I had cleaned the shelf on which my UPS sits, and was all ready to put the new one in and connect it up, she jumped onto the shelf and stood in its place. She had got the better of me again.

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I ran my test of the UPS and power failure on the morning of 16 December. The system worked perfectly, my iMac Pro shutting down as expected after 5 minutes on battery power, and shutting my external RAID down with it. The cat took no interest. Great story! Is this a general thing or just the UPS? It is not clear from the article where did you manage to find it in the end.

Did you have to travel main is land to fetch it? Like Liked by 1 person. Sadly, this is such a common problem now that there are small businesses who will provide a mainland delivery address for the likes of Amazon, then bring the parcel over to the island and deliver it. At that time, around 3 years ago APC seemed like the only option.

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So when my APC started flashing at me recently and because I could never get my MacPro ashtray to recognise it, although it worked fine, I decided to try a CyberPower alternative. The shipping story is long and complex. Basically, it is the usual one of everyone involved overdoing safety. But every single car and motorcycle battery is shipped over to the island no problem, and so on. The funniest is with fire extinguishers: because they contain compressed gas, they have to be treated as hazardous cargos.

We really are stupid at times. Like Like.