Quicken 2007 for mac 16.2.0

Dec 9, After upgrading to Lion and installing the patch I recovered Direct Connect capability with all my accounts (banks & credit cards) except.
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Same here. Voted for it as an essential feature on the Vote page Glenn referenced as well as years ago in a long discussion with Quicken about upgrading to Q They haven't figured it out yet, or won't, or are to cheap to do so. Thank you very much, Glenn, for this article. Highly customisable, multi-currency, cross-platform, iPhone compatible, etc. I have not. When Intuit kept supplying Quicken updates to keep it working with newer versions of OS X, I stuck with longer.

I was hoping to stay with it because of how my brain is organized. I was a beta tester and was disappointed at what I saw. Report customization is so far behind what has that it is a joke. I use subcategories and you can only select them one at a time. It is hard to believe that development progresses at a snails pace.

And yes, it barfed on importing my Quicken data.

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Then try Moneydance. I have used it for many years and was glad to get away from the Intuit sphere of influence.

I totally agree. I was a member of the Beta group for Essentials. It was called something else before it devolved in the crap product they finally published over tons of complaints and objections from our group. If you read the reviews for this new app on Amazon, it is a deja vu of the story we experienced with the Essentials Beta group -- a virtual massive disregard for our feedback and suggestions. After the Essentials debacle, I moved on to iBank.

I have been more than happy with it and I have a pretty complex financial situation. I am not turning back now I've been using Quicken in Parallels for several years now, and it's the only reason I run Parallels. I'd love to be able to run a version of Quicken for the Mac that meets my needs, and this version looks like the first that might actually do that, since almost all the complaints about Quicken in this article are equally applicable to Quicken for Windows.

And when I go to Intuit's comparison site, I find that the Quicken for Windows features still missing from Quicken are the features I use barely or not at all. Quicken is a disappointing product on both platforms. But for what I do and what I need, it's the only choice. Thanks for the warning re Windows Quicken But if it's as lacking as Mac Q is, I'll keep waiting. Very frustrating. Quicken is reported to have problems importing QIF files which I need to do regularly. Glenn, Thanks for the excellent review. I haven't had a problem with Quicken in the Yosemite beta.

Quicken for Mac

After reading your review, I'm going to stick with Q for a while. I like the easy data entry and importing a bank web connect file isn't too painful. I waited for a good update of Quicken and finally tried Quicken When I discovered that Quicken discontinued telephone support in May in favor of a horrible chat line with people who don't understand and simply have learned friend phrases.

I had enough and switched to iBank 5.

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And it works and has excellent support in the USA by email or chat. I've been using iBank for over a year, and I still don't find it intuitive pun intended. I used all versions of Quicken through the awful Essentials, and I just can't acclimate to the other programs. Mint would probably do it for me. Unfortunately, the developer passed away in May so no further updates appear to be coming. They did not even make it equal to Q4M!

Quicken's treatment of the Mac platform in the past means that I would never, ever trust any data to Quicken every again. There's absolutely nothing they could do to the platform to change that.

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I'm surprised that anyone would consider using it, but it is, of course, an individual decision. It imported my Quicken data flawlessly I had importing trouble with both iBank and Moneydance. SEE Finance has a few quirks, but it also has features Q didn't, such as accounting for employee stock options. I decided to try going back to Quicken. I've been using iBank. It's Ok except it is painfully slow. SO I plunked down my money and guess what! Quicken can't import anything but Quicken files.

Their solution was for me to buy Quicken which can. Possibly one of the stupidest designs ever. Asked for and got a refund. Something else must be causing it to be slow for you.

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My iBank ver 5. We're still using Quicken on a G5 iMac. I was part of the beta test for Quicken , and for me the killer exclusion was investment support. You can't pick which lots of shares you are selling! Seems like that's a pretty basic feature for anyone who is tracking investments.

Q is not ready for prime time. I gave up and reverted to Q I do not like the hokey interface at all. Is there an add-on report writer for Quicken? I find their reports terrible.


After many years of trying different programs I always come back to quicken. I will not buy another quicken release until they improve the report generation - it does not look like Q changed anything in this feature. As a current QMac user, my main reason for not choosing an alternative money manager has been the lack of features I need, mostly things like detailed stock tracking, splits, etc.

I am assuming that the new Q15 for Mac does import all of that information correctly. I see it is already missing one feature noted above, the ability to manually enter prices for annuities like retirement funds that don't have stock symbols. Any other glaring details on the stock side missing? I would want similar reporting options to Q as well.

For those running Quicken for Windows via Parallels, is there an easy import of Q to Q for Windows that maintains all the old stock information? Due to brokerage changes, many of my stock basis prices are only available in my Quicken files, and that is critical come April I made the Yosemite It gives the OL error.

I tried Q and it is noting like Q I would have to give up too much.